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PepLab is a database of food-derived peptides including analysis and prediction tools


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PepLab is an Internet-based information system for the storage, processing and analysis of food-derived peptide sequences. Our team includes scientists in biotechnology, chemistry and computer science. It was implemented within the framework of a project financed by the "Science" fund of the University of Food Technology, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The intelligent analysis module is a software tool for calculating the physico-chemical properties of peptides such as, molecular mass, net charge, isoelectric point, hydrophobicity, etc.

The prediction module aims to determine with what probability an unknown peptide sequence has a certain type of biological activity. For this purpose, artificial intelligence methods are used.


To help scientists

The goal of PepLab is to facilitate scientists in the field of bioinformatics, biotechnology and chemistry in the study of peptides extracted from food.

We aim to present correct data sets for already studied peptides, as well as to reduce the number of experiments using in silico approaches.

Researchers can find the peptide of interest through user-friendly browser and search options. For each entry there is a page with detailed information about the peptide sequence.

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Scientists involved in the project

Our team includes scientists in biotechnology, physical chemistry and computer science


Project is founded by University of Food Technology

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